Wow! It’s the end of January already. Where did the first month of 2023 go?! Oh right… it went with all the busy-ness that was quilting and crafting and that other thing – my day job.

Pinwheel Jelly Roll Race with added Christmas Candy border.

Not a bad way to finish January – with a fun quilt. I took the idea for the border from a table runner pattern. I like that the candy pieces on the border match the pinwheels in between the strips.

Since it’s the last day of the month, I wanted to check my 2023 lists. Before anyone throws shade, the lists are hopes, not requirements.

2023 for Me List

  • Jelly Roll Rug
  • Quilt Sweatshirt Jacket
  • Selvage Window Valence
  • Mondo bag
  • Midi bag
  • Tuft ottoman
  • Apron
  • Pillow cover
  • Fabric weights
  • Sewing Machine cover
  • Table runners and placemats
  • Unicorn wall hanging

2023 for Community

  • 1 Linus Project
    • Kaffe Churn Dash
    • Crayon on White
    • Crayon on Gray
  • Cut Chilhowie Mystery
    • Clue #1
    • Clue #2
  • Cut Scrap Challenge 2024
  • Halloween Raffle Quilt
  • Cut Anna’s Falling Stars
  • Cut Mom’s Quilt Kits

2023 Quilt Adjacent

  • Organize digital patterns
  • Go through quilt magazines
  • Cut up scraps
  • Bind Quilt Stack
  • International Block Swap

2023 Quilts To Do

  • 2023 Scrap Challenges – Winding Road and Falling Stars
  • Snail Quilt
  • Kaffe Kites
  • Mountains with Kari Fabric
  • Just My Type
  • Birch Tree Gnomes
  • Snowflake Quilt
  • Dogs in Sweaters
  • Goats in Pajamas
  • Letters
  • Applique Gnomes on Jelly Roll Race
  • Finish Christmas Jelly Roll Race
  • Black, White & Red Jelly Roll Race

2023 January Specific

  • 1/4 of a scrap bin cut with templates and sorted
  • 1/4 of magazines digitized and sorted
  • 1 Linus Project Quilt
  • 1 2023 for Me project
  • 36 more Speedway blocks
  • International Swap blocks
  • Christmas Jelly Roll Quilt
  • 1 UFO


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