Design wall filled with colorful mondo bags!

April 1, 2020, does feel like a joke! I never thought that I would be at home, watching Netflix and quilting, and not being sure when true interactions with people will happen again. The coronavirus has swept into every corner of people’s lives.

Fortunately, I and my family are so far healthy and safe. I know that not everyone can say that. Social isolation has also allowed me to spend time being creative and finding ways to promote color in my life. Mondo bags are one of my current projects. I’ve had a list of friends and family to make them for but never had the time. Well, I do now! Making beautiful items for others can be one way to share kindness, to remember the people that matter to you, and to maintain a connection to friends and family. Each of these bags represents someone special in my life and I am so grateful for them every day.


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